• Systemic dog yeast infections are caused by a natural organism in the dog's body called Candida albicans. Normal amounts of this organism are beneficial to the dog's intestinal health, but an overabundance can kill the good bacteria of the dog.

    Antifungal Medications

    The most common treatment options for dog's with systemic yeast infections is antifungal medications. These types of medications have been used to clear up an infection and decrease the severity of the symptoms.


    Changing the dog's diet can also be beneficial in treating a yeast infection. Dog food with a lot of potatoes should be avoided (because of the yeast and starch).

    Virucidal Agent

    Virucidal agents are used to completely rid the intestines of the yeast. They are also used to maintain the right amount of pH in the dog's body and boost the immune system.

    Ear Drops

    Another treatment option if the yeast infection is found in the dog's ear, is ear drops or ear cleaner . These products are dripped in the dog's ear and acts as an anti-fungal to get rid of the yeast.


    If the dog is not getting better after several days of treatment, you may need to seek professional advice and proper treatment.


    Dog Yeast Infections

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