• <h4 class="dechead">On One Hand: Hemorrhoid Cream Deflates Puffiness

    Hemorrhoid cream does help deflate the puffiness under eyes, according to an article on "It helps tighten and smooth skin on a very temporary basis," says makeup artist and author Michael Maron, in the article. Concurring with this opinion is, which states that the creams used to treat hemorrhoids can "help with the problem" of bags under the eyes.

    On the Other: Effects Are Temporary

    According to, any positive effects of using hemorrhoid cream to treat puffy eyes are temporary. "Folklore is filled with temporary fixes for puffy eyes," states the article, concluding that hemorrhoid cream works "on a very temporary basis." Another factor to consider is what the chemicals in the medication are designed to do. According to the website, hemorrhoid cream "constricts blood vessels and...can also be damaging to your skin."

    Bottom Line

    Hemorrhoid creams contain an anti-inflammatory agent that can reduce swelling under the eyes, making it an affordable option. It can be used as a temporary fix for puffy eyes, but beware of its chemical components and their inherent risks.


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