• Job evaluations, when properly done, provide management and employees a benchmark to judge work performance. Work appraisals and performance feedback are other terms used to describe employment evaluations.

    Meeting Job Duties

    Evaluations review basic duties to determine if the employee meets rudimentary standards set for the job.

    Performance Standards

    The Indiana University Human Resource Services states that performance standards differ from a list of major job duties. Performance standards tell the employee "what a good job looks like," according to IUHRS. Jobs that require production quotas also use job evaluations as benchmarks for bonuses or salary increases.

    Termination Documentation

    Job evaluations are also used as grounds to dismiss employees who continually fail to meet standards, performance guidelines and quotas. This process also protects employees. Requiring employers to measure and document problems can help lower dismissals caused by personal conflicts among managers and employees.

    Guidelines for Additional Training

    Employment performance appraisals provide management with information necessary for training or retraining employees failing to meet standards.

    Basis for Advancement

    Supervisors leave or advance in the company, and documented job evaluations offer the new administration a copy of an employee's work performance. Employees may also use the documentation to apply for higher-ranking positions.


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  • When I was working I likeed to have an evaluation so I could see how I was doing and in what areas I needed to improve.

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