• <h4 class="dechead">On One Hand: Olive Oil Recommended by Professionals

    Olive oil has been used for hundreds of years for cooking and is touted by many hair professionals to have moisturizing benefits when applied to the skin and hair. It is also considerably cheaper than other professional products. Olive oil combed through dry, frizzy hair just prior to taking a shower---or leaving olive oil in your hair for 30 minutes before showering---can hide dry ends and make hair much easier to comb through.

    On the Other: Olive Oil Not the Perfect Moisturizer

    The penetration of olive oil is much less than other oils such as coconut oil because olive oil is simply too viscous. If you have naturally oily hair, you may need to wash your hair several times to remove the olive oil, thus damaging your hair further and negating any of the olive oil benefits. Olive oil is incredibly slick, so rinsing it out of your hair while in the shower can cause an accident.

    Bottom Line

    Olive oil is safe, cheap and can be good for your hair if applied correctly and used with the guidance of a professional hair stylist. However, olive oil is not the perfect moisturizer for your hair if you already have oily hair or are worried about slipping in the shower.


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  • If you've stripped your hair of oil by using shampoo with sulfates then olive oil will help repair the damage you've done. However coconut oil is much better for your hair than olive oil and its antibiotic.
  • I have used olive oil only one time but it doesn't suits my hair .
  • Probably, but plain old, REAL MAYONNAISE works just as well. slather it over dry hair, comb thru carefully, wrap your head in a hot towel, put plastic bag or wrap over that, and leave it in for at least an hour or two.. then shampoo like crazy to get it out.......may take more than one shampoo!! reason it works? the eggs in mayo.....! an old, time-tested remedy!!

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