• I believe the truth in lending law only applies to the purchase of a home. if you have an attorney friend, in your state, you should ask him. each state has additional laws that may apply.
  • You had the chance to inspect the vehicle, drive the vehicle and you signed a contract. There is no "3-Day" clause with regard to vehicle purchases; that applies only in specific circumstances, such as home buys and door-to-door sales.
  • Lemon law Myths * The Lemon Law protects me from all purchases. FALSE. Most states make use of the Lemon Law, but each state can set its own guidelines as to what constitutes a lemon, and how a consumer is protected. When you buy a car, research its history and ask a mechanic to examine the car for you before you buy. * I can cancel my new car purchase in three days. FALSE. The three-day right to cancel a contract does not apply to vehicles. The law was created to protect consumers from door-to-door salesmen, and other type purchases made away from the standard place of business.
  • Once you buy a car you have bought it. As my dad used to say: "As soon as you drive it off the lot it's worth half what you paid". You need to take the time to read a contract in detail and be sure you are satisfied. When you sign, it's yours. Sorry bud.
  • can i return a used car within 72 hours if it cost more to fix it than you bought it for?
  • Check with the dealers policy!
  • i dont see why not

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