• Ringworm can cause hair loss and itchy scabs on the scalp. Ringworm is not a worm; rather, it is a type of fungal infection that can infect your skin, scalp or nails.


    Symptoms of a ringworm infection include itchy, raised, oozing scaly patches, bald patches and discolored or crumbling nails.


    Although antifungal creams are often sufficient for skin infections, scalp ringworm is usually treated with antifungal pills.

    Risk Factors

    Ringworm fungi prefer warm, moist areas, and can often be found in locker rooms, showers or pools. Cats also carry ringworm.


    Prevent ringworm by wearing flip flops in public showers, not sharing your comb or towel and avoiding animals with bald spots.


    Ringworm is usually diagnosed by appearance, although infections may be scraped to examine them under a microscope.


    Seek medical attention if you think your ringworm patches may be infected. Signs of an infection include fever, swelling, red streaking, pus and warmth.


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