• <h4 class="dechead">On One Hand: Ceremony Candles

    Chose two people to be candle lighters for the wedding ceremony. After guests have been seated the pair will walk down the aisle lighting candles, meeting at the center of the altar area to light all but the unity candles, if these are being used. Your mothers will light the unity candle family tapers. You will light the unity candle after reciting your wedding vows.

    On the Other: Before the Ceremony

    Alternately, the chosen candle lighters can light all the candles for your wedding ceremony as the guests are being seated. The candle lighters can light window candles, altar tapers and the two unity candle ceremony tapers that represent your two families, as applicable.

    Bottom Line

    Wedding experts agree that the wedding candles should be lit at the beginning of the wedding ceremony. The candle lighters should light the wedding candles in a ceremonial style after most of your guests are seated, and two family members should light the two unity candle tapers, if you are incorporating these into your ceremony.


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