• A power supply is an essential hardware component enabling a computer to function. While every personal computer has some form of power supply, many people may be curious what a power supply actually is.


    The primary function of a computer power supply, also known as a PSU (Power Supply Unit), is to convert relatively high voltage AC (alternating current) electricity into relatively low voltage DC (direct current).


    A computer's components are only compatible with direct current. This means that a power supply is essential for converting electricity from a wall outlet in a building into energy the computer can use.


    A computer's power supply is somewhat easy to locate, since it is where a computer's power cord actually connects. This is often a three-pronged socket on desktops and a socket of various types on a laptop.

    Current Switch

    A desktop computer power supply often has a switch for setting voltage between 110/115 and 220/230. It should be switched to match the voltage of the wall outlet in the area of the world in which it is used.


    Do not attempt to open a computer power supply. It contains components that can maintain a charge even after it is already disconnected from a wall outlet.


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