• There are some places of employment that will not hire you, unless you have documentation proving that you have fulfilled the requirements of becoming a medical transcriber.

    Getting Certified

    Check local and online colleges, as well as, business schools to find a program to get certified.


    According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, you can either obtain an associate's degree to get certified, which would take approximately two years, or obtain a certificate, which takes one year.


    Certification helps set you apart from other job seekers. Health care employers may require you to have first-rate knowledge of medical terminology, diagnostic studies, anatomy and laboratory test. A misspelled word, or an incorrect abbreviation, as it pertains to a patient can result in illness or even death.

    Other certifications

    Yes, according to the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI), the following other certifications are offered: If you have two years or more working experience in acute care, you can take an exam to obtain a certified medical transcriptionist (CMT) certificate. If you have less than two years' working experience in acute care, you can obtain a registered medical transcriptionist (RMT) certificate.


    The medical transcriptionist certificate is obtainable for anyone who is interested in this field of study and fulfills all of the necessary requirements.


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    More Information:

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