• Gradual hair loss in ferrets rarely indicates a problem, but a ferret with an inexplicable, sudden loss of hair should see the veterinarian as soon as possible.


    According to Dr. Judith A. Bell, DVM, ferrets usually molt---lose their winter coats---in the spring, when sunlight gets stronger. But some ferrets shed their coats in one day instead of gradually.


    Bell also notes that some ferrets---usually males---lose all of the fur on their tails every summer. The tail skin may have blackheads or get flaky, for unknown reasons.


    Tumors on the adrenal glands, known as adrenal disease, begin with bald patches, and is potentially life-threatening for ferrets. According to Ron Hines, DVM, hair loss also can signal aplastic anemia, caused by too much estrogen in a female ferret, leading to a malfunction of bone marrow.

    Other Causes

    According to Bell, other causes of hair loss include parasites and inability to re-grow fur shaved for surgery. Holly Nash, DVM, also points out that ringworm fungal infection can cause small bald patches in ferrets.

    Secondary Cause

    "Ferrets For Dummies" by Kim Schilling and Susan A. Brown, DVM, notes that ferrets may pull out their hair at a location where they feel pain.


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