• <h4 class="dechead">On One Hand: It Teaches the Korean Language

    Rosetta Stone helps people learn more than 30 different languages, including Korean. This system uses the immersion technique for teaching languages. The Korean version will teach people the foundation and fundamentals of the Korean language.

    On the Other: Rosetta Stone is Limited

    Rosetta Stone comes in three levels that you can purchase separately or as a set. Even after you complete the final level, Level 3, you will not be fluent in Korean. You will only be able to speak on a basic level.

    Bottom Line

    Rosetta Stone is an effective and fun way to learn any language, including Korean. The Rosetta Stone program, however, is more for the person traveling to Korea who is interested in basic communications while out shopping, eating in a restaurant or traveling around Korea. You will not be able to speak fluent Korean after completing this program.

    Source:; Learn Korean

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