• The forms required to file for bankruptcy may be difficult to complete and understand without a background in law or finance. It is advisable to consult a lawyer or bankruptcy filing service before filling out forms or submitting the petition.


    The petition contains basic information about the debtor. The entirety of the bankruptcy form and statement package may sometimes also be referred to as the petition.

    Counseling Certificate

    Anyone filing for bankruptcy must now undergo two sessions of financial counseling. A certificate of completion from the pre-bankruptcy session should be submitted with the petition.


    An array of schedules must be submitted with the petition. Though additional schedules may be required depending on the situation, most people will need schedules of income, expenditures, creditors, property and contracts.

    Financial Statement

    The Statement of Financial Affairs is a form containing several questions about the debtor's financial situation, and must be submitted along with the petition.


    It is important to ensure that all information contained in the bankruptcy package is as accurate as possible. Misrepresentations may result in dismissal of the bankruptcy.


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