• <h4 class="dechead">On One Hand: Pond Heater Only Required With Fish

    A pond heater is an available option to purchase for the pond if the owner chooses to stock the water with fish, especially Koi. According to Garden Pond 101, the pond heater size depends on the volume of water in the pond. To heat 250 gallons of water 10 degrees F, 1,000 watts of heater is required.

    On the Other: Heaters May Not Be Required

    During the winter, heaters are only required if the pond has the potential to freeze over, which can cause materials to build-up in the bottom of the pond causing gases or toxicity to form.

    Bottom Line

    When configuring what size pond heater is required, various aspects such as size of pond and the inhabitants are important considerations. Consulting with a professional may help guide on what size heater is required, or whether a heater is required at all.


    Garden Ponds 101: Pond Heaters

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