• <h4 class="dechead">On One Hand: Recommended For Medical Purposes

    According to the Greenwich Hospital, a liquid diet is safe to follow if it is used for medical purposes, such as preparing before surgery. The hospital recommends following the diet recommendation given by the American Dietetic Association (ADA), which is a 1,350- to 1,500-calorie diet of clear liquids, ice cream, liquid soup, pudding and milkshakes.

    On the Other: Consider How Long It Is Safe

    The Mayo Clinic also recommends following a liquid diet for medical purposes, but it does not recommend following the diet for more than a few days.The clinic also strongly advises not using the diet to lose weight, as it does not provide enough calories or nutrients, which can cause malnutrition.

    Bottom Line

    Both the Mayo Clinic and the Greenwich Hospital deem liquid diets safe for preparing for surgery, recovering from surgery or when one of the muscles or bones involved in eating cannot function, but neither recommends it as a diet plan. Liquid diets are considered safe and are often recommended by the medical community, but only when recommended to patients under medical supervision.


    The Mayo Clinic: Clear Liquid Diet Information

    Greenwich Hospital: Patient Information About Liquid Diets

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