• <h4 class="dechead">On One Hand: A Long-standing Folk Remedy

    For centuries, users have touted the scar-removing qualities of cocoa butter, primarily when it comes to stretch marks. Cocoa butter is a naturally occurring oil that contains an important ingredient, vitamin E. Along with hydrating the skin, vitamin E also creates collagen, a substance that creates the elasticity of the skin. With daily use, many proponents believe that cocoa butter can reduce the appearance of scars.

    On the Other: Not Clinically Proven

    The largest study on the effects of cocoa butter on scars was conducted in 2008 at the American University of Beirut Medical Center in Beirut, Lebanon. In the double-blind study, 175 pregnant women used either cocoa butter or a placebo to minimize or prevent stretch marks. The study proved that there was no difference in results between those given the placebo and those using actual cocoa butter. A comparable study showed that pregnant women who used a purer form of vitamin E showed greater results in the reduction or prevention of scars.

    Bottom Line

    The results are mixed on the efficiency of cocoa butter to reduce the appearance of scars. Vitamin E does produce results. A compromise is to find a cocoa butter that contains an extra boost of vitamin E.


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