• According to the franchising experts at Franchise Direct, vending machines in the United States generate more than $22 billion in revenue every year. To get started in the vending machine business you need to make some decisions and purchase supplies.


    You will need to determine what kind of products you want to vend before you begin purchasing anything. Analyze the vending machines that are already set up in the territory you intend to work in and see what kinds of products may be missing from their offerings.


    Register your business with the local government office to secure your business certificate. You may also want to discuss potential insurance needs with your insurance agent as well, including liability insurance.

    Machines suggests purchasing used vending machines to reduce costs. Always be sure to have a potential seller show you that the machine works (and how it works) before purchasing it. A used machine could cost as little as $800, while a new machine of the same model could cost as much as $2,000.


    Warehouse buying clubs offer the kinds of products you need to put in your vending machine at reasonable prices. This may be the best way to stock your machines and make a profit.


    If you purchase a vending franchise, the franchiser will already have a territory for you to work. If you are on your own, begin scouting for good locations and discuss renting those locations from the building owners.


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