• A nutitionist is someone who advises patients on proper nutrition and proper exercise methods for various reasons. such as weight loss and heart health. They work in hospitals, outpatient clinics and nursing homes.

    Main Duties

    Nutritionists plan and prepare meals based on the patients' needs and give dietary recommendations for patients to use at home. For example, the nutritionist would suggest ways that a person could reduce the amount of junk food he eats and how he can replace it with fruits and nuts.


    The benefits of having a nutritionist is that you'll have someone whose goal is to ensure that your eating habits keep you healthy. In addition, the nutritionist has access to the latest information on nutrition and he can explain health problems that call for a change in your diet.


    Nutritionists usually hold a bachelor's degree in dietetics, nutrition or a related subject. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, not all states require you to have a license before you become a nutritionist. In college, nutritionists take courses in nutrition, chemistry, biology and physiology.


    A nutritionist's salary depends on the the type of institution he works for, and the American Dietetics Association says consultation nutritionists earn $53,000 while clinical nutritionists earn about $50,000.


    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the future for nutritionists looks bright. They say that as more patients will be interested in preventive care for diseases such as heart failure and diabetes, there will be an increasing need for nutritionists.


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