• <h4 class="dechead">On One Hand: Driver at Fault

    When encountering a stop sign, on a bike or in car, it is the driver's responsibility to come to a full and complete stop and look both ways to make sure it is safe to continue forward. Failure to stop is a serious risk as it might lead to an accident.

    On the Other: Other Factors

    Other factors might be at play when failing to stop at a stop sign leads to an accident. This may lessen the blame on the driver of a vehicle, but is not likely to alleviate any responsibility. A bicyclist might not be cited for failure to stop at a sign if they are entering a crosswalk, but they still assume the risk to their own life should an accident follow. A driver, on the other hand, is always responsible for not obeying traffic signs. Should the driver of a vehicle fail to stop and thereby causes an accident, he or she will be the likely party faulted for the accident.

    Bottom Line

    It is always best to obey traffic signs, including stop signs, not only for the legal repercussions but for the driver's safety and the safety of others. Should an accident result from failure to stop, the driver that did not obey the stop sign will be faulted.


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