• to an extent and within the right context... thats why people make exceptions and law breakers go to court
  • Laws yes, because you did not agree to obey or abide by them. Promises, no.
  • Any rule that contradicts my ability to do what I want an get what I need is make to be broken... I’m not an anarchist, I think rules are good, I like games, games have rules or they wouldn’t be games... but my rules... no one else’s... selfish and childish its true... but that’s just the point... it true, that’s how I operate, and that’s also why I’ve spent my fair share of nights in a cell.
  • not so much as a rule but yes situations determine your choices and tend to make laws and promises useless
  • Laws were made for the masses and i believe 90% of the population abide by the laws. Laws are on the local, state and federal level. Promises are another story, altogether. Making a promise and breaking a promise is very personal and has to be dealt with on an individual basis.
  • i have always obeyed laws and kept my promises.. however there are people who have def not kept any promises they made with me. which is mind boggling. if you know you cannot commit to what you are promising then one should not make a promise. i think people only as good as their words. well at least that's the way i see it. but everyone is different and some aren't good for their i guess only after they have not kept their promise will you know that they are like that.
  • Not only laws and promises but everything else to.
  • Some laws yes, but not promises.

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