• If you're going that fast, you wouldn't be able to walk from the back of the plane to the front. The G-force would be too strong.
  • You wouldn't be "walking" faster than the speed of sound, but you'd be "travelling" faster than the speed of sound. Not that you'd feel anything, being safely contained inside the plane and shielded from all the side-effects...
  • no, because your walking speed is relative to your position of the plane, not the ground below it.
  • You should look into Einstein's "Special Relativety". It will explain my answer. No. You would be walking no faster than while on the ground, because your speed would be relative to the plane.
  • I'd be running faster than the speed of sound trying to find a bathroom after eating the airlines crab bisque.
  • To an observer standing still it would look like you are. But you yourself are not walking any faster then normal.
  • No, you wouldn't. You would be simply walking at normal speed. However, if someone had the means to monitor your progress (GPS, for instance) as you walked through the plane, your velocity, related to the ground location, would be faster than the speed of sound. Hello, Mr. Sonic!

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