• first you need to make sure the connectors are in the right "IN" and "OUT" ports usually there will be two sets of three ports 2yellow (picture in and out) 2 red and 2 white (audio in and out) you need to plug your cord into the "OUT" ports on your DVD player and the "IN" ports on your tv. second, is the tv on the right channel? some devices use channel 3 as the "line in" channel, others use channel 0 or L1 or L2 which can usually be found by turning the channel down past 0" i.e. 3 > 2 > 0 > L1 after you plug in your dvd and turn on the power, it should display a screen saver DVD logo, so use the channel up and down arrows to check channel to channel for the one that has the DVD logo. if all else fails you can ger an RF modulator box at your electronics store and plug the yellow/red/white cord into that then use a coaxeal cable to connect the modulator box to the tv.
  • Make sure to turn the tv to line in or aux or whatever it says. When you're in the right place you'll see the screen for the DVD player.
  • Most TVs must either be set to a specific channel, or a different input. Read the TV's instructions and it will tell you.

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