• No, it's a parent's way of saying, "You're the kid, I'm the parent, and I know best and don't need logic to prove it." +5
  • I think it just means "Because I said so". ;) Why do you want to read so much into it anyway?
  • IT's your EMPHASIS. And it MEANS THAT because I said so!
  • Sometimes it does. Sometimes parents know things the kids do not and do not wish to share that information. Even though irritating, it is enough and kids should obey their parents. I said this to one of my children one time. I forbade her to socialize with someone because I knew things about him she did not know. I chose not to give her the information. She was angry but obeyed. When she was 26 I explained why I had done it and she was thankful I had been a stand-up parent.
  • Until children reach teenage they rarely question or if they do "because I said so" is just as good as a long explaination. Once children reach 13 they HAVE TO question because teenagers Remake their entire brain. No kidding. So what used to be good enough just isn't any more. Now kids want real answers and many adults don't know how to go through the complex reasoning to the kid in the first place and then the inevitable argument at the end and so they just say "because I said so". Now I would like a word with you about your comment "often undeserved". First of all there isn't any "deserved" out there. If there were all kinds of bad people would have bad things happen to them and they don't. Parenting is a hard, thankless job. If the person you are thinking of in "often undeserved" is still there, they are trying to do the good thing and hang in there. They don't have to. They can leave. There are adults that leave, even real little children. If they are still there slugging it out, they get adult points. Most people don't know that teenagers need to know the "why" of everything because they are remaking their brain. There isn't any mandatory school for parenting. When you get your chance, do it better. Go to school for it. There isn't any deserved anywhere. If the adult is there they are trying to make a go of it because of good things like love, and responsiblity, and doing the right things even if the right things aren't what you want. It's hard to grow up. It really really is. Teenagers have it really tough. But that doesn't mean adults don't have it tough too. Its just a different tough. And there aren't any grades handed out, you just make it or you fail. Ok That's enough of my soap box for one evening.

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