• yes it should as it seems I always end up with the smoke blowing in my direction.
  • No, I don't smoke but I think banning smoking in outdoor public areas is wrong. Government doesn't need to be my parent.
  • Definitely not, i'm sick of laws for everything
  • Why stop there? No smoking in the parking lot, in the car, on the way home, in the house, in the bedrrom, or in the bathroom, either. While we're at it, I need Big Brother to help me with my marriage, every time hubby and I have a problem, with my children, in my family relationships, appoint me a personal CPA, send me a shopping advisor, a masseuse, a maid.....damn, this is GREAT! +5
  • Why don't we just shoot smokers. Let's make smoking a capitol offense and be done with this foolishness. I smoke outside and always did, before any law was ever thought of. Once a lady drove by while I was smoking. She was in some SUV and it had a head gasket problem or something because the smoke she was trailing behind her look like the dust the 7th cavalry would kick up. She flipped me the bird. You none smokers are so much better than us that you should put us out of our misery by making it a law requiring execution to smoke. Never mind how many of you dig marijuana. Us tobacco smokers, man, we're worst than the child molesters.
  • it is here in NZ. ( well in most cases)
  • Only if eating in designated smoking areas is banned.
  • No, I think that would be going too far, and I am a non-smoker.
  • I think decisions about smoking should be left to each individual establishment.
  • No, that is repression and the whole 2nd-hand smoke thing is way overblown.
  • Not just no, but HELL NO! The anti-smoking Nazis have had their way for much too long. They've already got the freedom to exercise their own freedoms anywhere they like and yet they continue to deny smokers the same courtesies. These power-hungry cretins won't be happy until all smokers are thoroughly and properly punished for not being a non-smoker. How dare those nasty old smokers try to exercise their own personal freedoms anywhere near a non-smoker's pristine little world. I fart in their general direction.
  • Yes, if you wanna smoke go do it away from the eating area. Whether it's inside or outside, the smoke is gross and wrecks the dining experience.
  • I would prefer the smokers not smoke where I am eating. There should be a section away from the non smokers for the smokers to dine in and have their after meal cigarette. I have asthma and smoke will set off an attack which is not fun. So not to be mean but I prefer to not have anyone smoking near me. Just being honest. I do have friends who smoke and they are curteous smokers. They do not smoke close to where I am.
  • What? You want me to not eat my smoked ham????
  • I don’t know of any smokers. I know people who inhale smoke from a cigarette, but the person does not smoke. The cigarette does the smoking haha +2
  • I'm a smoker. And with that, I hate when people smoke while I'm eating. It's just gross. But I say no. People should be able to respect one another without having to rely on AB morale.
  • Well if it were up to me I would ban smoking outdoors. And I know that may sound extreme to some people but quite frankly, I don't care.

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