• Isn't Harry's girlfriend over 18 by now?? Lord, it seems they've been going to school for 10 years already. But, no. I don't want to see Harry Potter's hairy anything.
  • No. The books are about kids and written for kids (even though all age groups enjoy them).
  • no-i don't recall reading any nude parts of the book-its supposed to be kid appropriate
  • No. Kids watch those movies. Not only are they promoting witchcraft, but now they're exposing themselves! This world is going down the toilet.
  • I don't understand why Americans are so hung up on the naked body. Nobody said it would be pornographic. Film is art. Should we cover over Michelangelo's sculpture of David?
  • I can't imagine what seeing Harry's naked wand will add to the storyline but I'm not freaked out about the prospect either. Such a strange society we live in...push sex 24 hours a day on every medium available but have an issue with frank nudity. No wonder kids are so messed up about sex.

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