• Putting it into the corral gets me extra exercise.
  • I take mine with me.
  • I don't mind wheeling it to the cart corral. Leaving a cart abandoned in a parking lot is a social nuisance.
  • I pick up a "loose" one on the way in, and then I bring it to the corral after I'm done with it. Two birds and all of that.
  • I try to always take the cart back to the corral. 2/2/23
  • I shop at Aldi where you put a quarter in to get the cart free and get it back when you lock the cart back up. If I have a spare, I take the cart back, but leave the quarter for the next person. Some people don't know Aldi is like that and they might not have a quarter and the hope is they will leave it for the next person. And I just like doing something nice to make me feel better about myself.

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