• No, are you going to pay for that persons hospital bills if they have to pay for it? Not to mention that carrying something inside you for 9 months is pretty unbearable, some women actually like working too.
  • Absolutely. I feel it is a separate life forming within and to terminate the pregnancy is no different than chucking a newborn baby into garbage can. The argument that it is the woman's body is weak in my opinion, because they just decided that at some point it is a baby and at a early point it was not. Its not consistent, and seems like someone just looking to rationalize their action.
  • Under the circumstances you mentioned yes.Both the partners SHOULD have used precautions to ensure that pregnancy did result from their act of lovemaking. IF, precautions were used but they failed and the couple want to go in for an abortion I don't think that is selfishness.
  • You can look at it that way, yes. I see it as an unfortunate but necessary remedy for the laziness, stupidity, carelessness, and yes selfishness of which most of us are guilty.
  • I dont think so. In some cases it could be seen as an act of gernerosity, to not put the child through a crappy life filled with hardship. & besides I dont equate wanting to get yourself in a position where you could be a responsible parent as being an act of selfishness, just one of necessity.
  • It seems your discussion has ended but I wanted to comment on this: " Frankly if these people had been aborted rather than born into an incompetent family it would have been a bonus in their eyes" That only takes into account the small percentage of people you yourself met has it not? Even those people may find life favorable to death (as they do in fact still seem to be choosing life). But if we are making the decision on abortion based on what you have seen, surely what other people have witnessed is admissible as evidence. Call me a optimist but I argue that most people are if not happy with their life, at least happy to be living.
  • It's a women's issue. Ask women. Men don't count. Frankly, I'm not to hep with this god stuff anyway.
  • A young girl gets pregnant. She used a condom, she used the pill, but something went wrong along the way. Her parents are conservative christians, and have said that they will disown her, or worse, if she has premarital sex. She will be pregnant and on the street, she will probably starve. Is she selfish to want an abortion? A girl from a strict muslim family becomes pregnant. If her family knew that she was seeing a man, they would kill her and the man to restore the honour of the family. Is she selfish to want an abortion?
  • No, for many reasons, but here is the most simple: the mother may agree to having an adoption, but on the birth of the child she may become very attached to the child. Her life may is no life suitable for a child, and to change this is near impossible. giving the child away would break her
  • no.. the most important life in anyones life is their own, or it should be. if a child is going to be a grossly negative impact into that life then it should be terminated, simply because what child wants to grow up knowing it is resented by its parents because it "ruined their life".. hell you only have to look at China to see the messed up stuff they do with their unwanted kids because of the strict laws they got over there... The baby black market in China could rival the guns black market in the U.S
  • From a care about other people, including children standpoint, the answer is yes. From a self centered, don't care about anyone else standpoint, the answer is no.

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