• The average atheist does it in the same way as does the average Christian or average Muslim. The extreme atheists who spend their time criticising religions and the religious doesn't have any love for the rest of humanity. In the same way the extreme fundamentalist Christians, Muslims, etc. who spend their time raging at followers of other beliefs or sects, and non-believers, have no love for the rest of humanity - just misplaced zeal.
  • You don't need religion to express love you complete idiot. Why are all your question so ignorant and uneducated.. and heavily rely on YOUR assumptions.
  • By being the voice of reason.
  • Sorry, but about the best I can muster is tolerance for the rest of humanity. Love is reserved for the people I have a personal stake in; and anyone who claims differently has a very puerile understanding of the concept of "love"...
  • I don't have to love Jesus to love people....I love doing randomm acts of kindness.
  • through charitable acts, the same as religious people do
  • Love is better expressed, one person at a time. If you can't love the guy next door, how can you claim to love 'humanity'? I think atheists do it the same way as christians or any other faiths,.....kindness towards other people in their lives.
  • Most atheist are nice and rational people when you come to meet them. Just like most religious believers and homicidal maniacs.
  • Most of humanity is a disgrace. Being atheist or religious doesn't change that. Friendship on a small scale is as far as it goes.
  • Is this for real??? Just because your an atheist it does not mean you cant love! The bible contradicts itself in so many ways! Religion causes hatred and violence and more inhumane acts. Why would i want to be a part of that! I mean thats my opinion and everyone to there own, but don't be so narrow minded man!
  • by being nice.
  • Cash donations. Duh.
  • By staying hidden. :)
  • I show my love for humanity by respecting every member of humanity simply because behaving in such a way makes life a little better for everyone; I always hear about theists serving God or doing this or that for God. It seems like theist are good because there is some sort of reward awaiting them or a higher power keeping tabs on them at all times.
  • Plain and simple, if an atheist is going to express their love for others, then a good example would be by loving one another as Jesus said; "Love one another just as I have loved you because a lending hand can always be a helpful hand.
  • Give them a hug. Lend them my car. Raise money for charity. Encourage. Shag some of them (not nearly enough of them IMHO...). Step in to break up fights. Treat them based on their individual merits. Treat them the way I like to be treated. Little things. Don't need any imaginary supernatural bearded fellers with big sticks forcing me to do it...
  • By NOT flying planes into buildings, or shooting folks they disagree with in houses of worship. This one chose to serve his country, either Atheist, Theist, or other ingrate.

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