• The American Public School System at it's best, (sarcasm), I knew the answers to all of the questions, gotta love them rednecks.....j'kdn. WTF!!!! I don't understand why they would not know the answers to simple questions, of course Star Wars was based on a true story!!!!
  • No child left behind? Well that didn't work worth a crap.
  • And now you should understand why Bush got two terms.
  • This video is rigged. They looked for the stupidest people they could find to interview.
  • What a bunch of f*cking idiots. ಠ_ಠ I'm wondering if there was a sort of selection bias in the editing here... did the producers select the worst answers they could find in an effort to make us look much dumber? Either way, this sort of idiocy is inexcusable. I promise you, we are not all that stupid. As an educated and worldly American, I would like to apologize for my more moronic countrymen.
  • This is what is destroying our country it makes me puke. They think it's cute to be ignorant.
  • There is fault in everything - if you go looking for it Yes --> I still stand with pride
  • Damn, what a bunch of stupid idiotic morons. That's what the liberal school system does to people.
  • Very entertaining.
  • Oh yeah. These are the people who have the right to vote and probably never have.
  • And they say that immigrants are ruining this country?
  • Here's another proud one for you guys. Sorry about the quality.
  • There are stupid people in every country. It's called "editing".
  • I think that if you went to any major city throughout the world you would probably get the equivilent dumb answer.
  • Actually, yes. I'm proud that I am not *that* ignorant.
  • Is France a country?
  • It's easy to make people look stupid if you edit out all the correct answers and only show the ones people got wrong. I could go to France or Germany and probably get similar results. Most Americans are ignorant, but we're not THAT ignorant.
  • There's stupid people everywhere, not just America. But I gotta say, Fidel Castro, a singer, Tony Blair, a skater=lulz.
  • As an American, I would have to say that I think this video is funny. If these people knew the answers, there would be no video. Also, I think that I am going to have to ask Mr. 1:54 if I can see his birth certificate. But seriously, I don't believe these people are representative of the "average" American. Just as I don't believe the people in the below videos represent the average intellect of their respective countries. I believe that if a person does not realize this, then they must be severely lacking in the common sense department.
  • That is an embarrassment! Even my wife of limited education could give correct answers to some of the question.
  • hahah well let's face it stupid people are abundant ALL over the world. Regardless, I'm just a man trying to get through life as best as I can. Born in a country that is full of problems and just happens (for now) to be better off than some other countries. I am thankful for what I do have but pride and patriotism are not essential parts of my existence and I don't fool myself for a second thinking Americans are any better or smarter than anyone else int he world. I only find it more shameful that we have many more advantages than others and still many choose purposely to be this stupid...that's the real crime.
  • it's funny but a could do the same thing in any country.
  • And if that's not enough for your entertainment pleasure,watch them go into a voting booth and come out smilin'!
  • One can "edit" out anyone who doesn't fit a preconceived notion. But I get the feeling that they didn't edit out very many.
  • Based on the people with whom I converse on a regular basis, I have to wonder how many dozens if not hundreds of people they had to go through and how many thousands of hours of video they had to cut before they had enough to make a video displaying such ignorance. But then again, perhaps I am an anomaly. All I can say for sure is the only thing the video demonstrated is the lack of knowledge of certain questions and information by certain people. For anyone to claim anything more when all they have is this video is either ignorance, extreme bias or an attempt at deception.

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