• good grooming
  • I agree with the good grooming. Plus a man who smells great is sexy. Confidence is too.
  • Good grooming good scent good breath good clothes
  • Wrestle bears, wear Cuban shirts with the top few buttons undone while smoking a cigar with a smug smirk on your face and squinted eyes, lounge around in mahogany paneled libraries discussing Descartes, miraculously take out a platoon of Russian guards armed with assault rifles with only your tiny little pistol, and eat your chili with no beans.
  • Who says it's easy for girls to be sexy? That is news to me. I think a man can be more attractive if they practice good hygiene, dress nicely/appropriately, are confident, kind, etc. Basically they bring themselves as positive to be around.
  • A quiet commanding (not to be confused with demanding or pushy)confident nature is always hot. You can put a bunch of good looking men with confidence in a room and there will usually be one or two who stand out because of their sheer presence. Like the main male character in the show Eastwick. Its the whole package. He doesn't have to say much but the looks he gives, and his voice and his confidence makes him sexy. Even though there have been other good looking guys on the show. Their characters don't match his character.
  • Try showering and leave off the over powering scents men seem to be addicted to now a days(Axe). Dress like a man, not some dandified excuse for a man in GQ. Wear clean clothes and do not wear jeans so tight they make ability to procreate an impossibility. Also wear your pants at your waist. No body, I repeat NO BODY wants to see you walk like your shackled at the ankles or gives a hell what color your under wear is. Please do not wear your hat as if your gumby minded, half pulled around like a numb nuts relative only whispered about at the holidays. Better yet eschew hats unless your a secret agent and look good in them. Leave the grill at home unless you name is "Biggie" somthing and you have the Posse to back it up. Either way it looks stupid.
  • I agree with the other posts that say good grooming and good personal hygiene. Well toned bodies can be sexy as well, not necessarily muscles or a particular shape, just some indication that the man cares about keeping himself reasonably fit and healthy. Men's arms can be very sexy, too, a nice thick hunk of flesh and muscle to grab on to.
  • brave and protective maybe? LOL. =)
  • Hire some gay men to show him how to groom.
  • Put on a skirt. Sexy boys like it.
  • Work out Money
  • Expose his nipples on a random basis.
  • I beg to differ. Some women have to go through some much to be sexy like breast implants etc. and some were just born with it. But most guys are just sex by doing sports etc.
  • Do whatever is mentioned in this video.
  • smell good
  • Build confidence by a series of ever more difficult accomplishments. Most women love confidence in a man.
  • The sexiest thing in a man to the average female is an inability to commit, anger management issues, or some other personality flaw he must be "rescued" from. You see it all the time. Women regularly pass up nice, emotionally stable guys who are ready, willing, and happy to commit to a relationship with them in favor of men they must keep after constantly. Women seem to need some sort of drama to retain interest in the relationship. Men are just props in their theatrics.
  • He can be honest, funny, tender, attentive. Muskles are nice too.
  • As that old ZZ Top song goes, "Every girl's crazy about a sharp dressed man!"
  • 1) Hold a position of high social status (musician, professional athlete, actor, politician, etc.) 2) Be tall 3) Have lots of money . . .
  • Be honest Be kind Be thoughtful Be modest Be helpful Be supportive Make her laugh Be faithful Be honorable
  • 6-26-2017 Money is a powerful aphrodisiac, but flowers work almost as well. The very best of all is to be from out of town.

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