• if he was on probation that means he already had at least one offense. he had rules to follow while on probation and he chose not to. maybe he needs to learn that penalties are real and that his parents won't always fish him out of the trouble that he got himself into.
  • I empathize with you. My son went for 3 years for the same thing, however it is very dangerous to downplay what's going on my minimalizing his offence. What I would advise,(and what I did for my son), is to write him at least once a week and send $$$ for necessaries,(toothpaste, shampoo etc.), but it would be disasterous to side with him against the law and the courts. This would only foster a disregard and lack of respect for our Judicial system. It would be a one-way ticket into a revolving prison door. After all, he was given a chance to stay out by reporting and staying clean and he blew it, just as mine did. that's no one's fault but his. Tell him you love him and will always support his honest efforts to change his ways, but because of your love for him, you cannot possibly be inrresponsible enough to back his position if you feel it will be detrimental to him. Tell him if you did, then you wouldn't love him very much, would you? Let him decide what the answer to that question is. But repeat you are always there to listen to his problems and give the best advise you know how. Good luck, dear Lady.
  • Unfortunately, the general cause of being put on probation is that one has had a previous sentence suspended pending a period in which they can prove to the court that they intend on doing better in the future. It's a second chance. If you blow that second chance you have to do the time that was suspended, and could (and often do) do time for the crime that violated the probation as well.
  • Im sorry, but he needs to learn the hard way of why not to break the law. As stated before he broke the law was given a chance, he screwed that up. Since he served 48 days that will be taken off the year setence, and yes that is reasonable, I take it his first offense was Drug Possesion
  • I would be very careful about giving him the impression that you want to help him find a "loop hole" to get out of this. You call it a "simple" probation violation. It's still breaking the law and he needs to realize it was dead wrong. You should be supportive and help him get through this, but you also have to make sure he realizes this is not acceptable and if you break the law, you have to pay the "price".
  • no sympathy why don't you try digging a tunnel under the fence?
  • I'm sorry ; BUT your son violated his rules of probation ... so he must MAN UP and take his punishment. He KNEW what would ahppen IF he violated the rules of his probation and got his urine dirty ... I'd imagine Marijuana ? Most judges do not take violating terms of probation and are very STRICT ... By getting just a YEAR; it sounds like you son't judge was lienient ... so be thankful it was just a year .. +5
  • thats bro pissed dirty they while on probation...the judge gave him 3 dayz and he had to take a drug abuse program for 2 weeks
  • I would presume that the judge feels that your son is hopeless and that you are not able to help him straighten up. So the real question would be "how do you convince the judge otherwise?" I'd suggest that you hire an attorney, try to see the judge, dress conservatively, have both mother and father present, and describe what positive steps (like drug rehab) he will be placed into if released.
  • Well he was given probation which is a pass in the first place. If your son violated the probation I think he should have to serve some time in jail. Maybe the 48 days he's been there is enough. I don't know of what he was convicted. My heart goes out to you as a parent. Hopefully your son will rehab himself and have no more incidents with the law once he is out.
  • Want to help? Tell him to quit smokin up when he's on probation! They tell you up front that any screw ups and it's back to jail.
  • He violated his probation. This is what probation is all about to give a person a chance to prove themselves. Your son failed and now must pay the consequences. He knew the rules of probation and ignored them. I believe the judge is actually giving him this time to dry out of his drug problem.
  • Your son violated his probation and has shown he cannot be trusted. One year is not that much. Sounds like the low side of any potential sentence, depending upon what the underlying violation/crime was.
  • I'm in the same position. And looking for an answer to this question too. If anyone can help it would b appreceated

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