• I usually spend a little extra cash on my dog on Christmas. I get her new toys and treats.
  • I use to get my dog a steak. :)
  • I had a mat made to put in front of his hooch with his name on it and a picture of a cute member of his breed.
  • I'd get my dog some extra good meat, or perhaps even an egg (he loved them). Dogs appreciate gifts much more than the average person does. They are always thankful, and their gratitude is always genuine. I like giving gifts to dogs so much more than I like giving gifts to people.
  • I choose two days a year (nominally a birthday, and another day in January somewhere) to spend the day with my dog on a hike, play training games with him and generally bond with him. If I can, I also arrange a play-date with another dog (the poor fellow is on his own at the moment.) I think that's what dogs REALLY want.
  • I usually get them stockings stuffed with rawhides & dog treats, they love Christmas as much as we do and all 6 chihuahuas celebrate with us! :)
  • Get your dog a gift certificate at the store where your dog most enjoys shopping. Then, s/he can choose his/her OWN gift, and you'll know that your dog got something that s/he REALLY wanted. One can NEVER go wrong with gift certificates. Just ask your dog. +5
  • awwww, I think you should. I use to when I had a dog. We got her toys, special treats/bones etc
  • my roommates and i get our puppy toys and she also has her own stocking that's biger than ours, and it's always running over with treats and toys. she loves it and gets really excited...
  • Of course you should :) My mom and I are the only two living at home with two dogs, three cats, and two ferrets. So instead of buy children gifts, we like to spend on our pets. For dogs we get their favorite canned food (Chef Micheal's)and usually a big toy each and then a few small items like bones and dog treats. They love to rip the wrapping paper off of presents.
  • If its a male dog give him a mannequin leg to hump.
  • I would love to get Hannah her own thick comfy BED. She sleeps with us on our Full sized bed, which, while I kinda like having her there, it's a bit tight with two adults, a medium sized dog and one or two cats... Plus my Partner doesn't like her sleeping in the bed with I have dicky knees and Hannah throws off some LOVELY heat that I can just jam my knees against her and TA DA! They feel better! However, in a spirit of cooperation and family harmoney....I'd like to get her a bed...and she would sleep on it to... The problem? Sadie...our Senior Queen (CAT) Sadie pisses on every single bed I buy Hannah...perhaps her little to the dog....Sadie doesn't piss on Patch's bed, only Hannah's.... I don't want my dog laying on a piss spot either....sighhhhhhhh.... Dang Sadie! We usually get them some new Nyla Bones for Christmas and the dogs get a Gorge meal...they are Raw Fed so get nothing but Meats, Organs and Bones anyway, but for special holidays I give them something big that they can really enjoy eating till they are stuffed...then of course the next day is a fast or only a token "treat" snack. Last year our little (21 lb) Parson's Jack, Patch, got a whole (raw) turkey leg....omg... too funny, he could hardly lift it to carry it off, but boy was he IN HEAVEN...THRILLED TO BITS! He put a right dent in it before he gave up and finished it up a couple of days later when I gave it back to him.
  • H**** likes dogie biscuits.
  • I see nothing wrong with it and the dog, even if it doesn't understand the concept of Christmas, will get enjoyment from a gift. I don't get a gift for my aunt since she has everything already, so I get her dog (golden retriever) a bag of chews.
  • Yes, of course! I love buying her gifts for Christmas and watch her open the present by tearing apart the wrapping. It is truly one of the best moments of the holidays. So cute. I usually buy her gift basket treats.
  • Last year I got my dog a Santa hat with a fake beard attached. I don't think he appreciated the gift, lol. My friend is getting her two dogs new fancy collars for Christmas.
  • Sure! Why not?!? A toy and/or "treat" would be GREAT!
  • you could get him a puppy to keep him company

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