• No, I am with you.
  • No; I don't have a clue either!
  • I dont watch it either
  • Ahh, don't worry, old folks aren't supposed to watch and know cartoons so much. :)
  • I am with you also.
  • There are a lot of people who have never seen any Anime. Whether you actually lost anything or not would depend upon what You see as interesting and fun. . Anime is very different, than typical movies and western animation. It has it's bad sides and it's good sides. Maybe it's so interesting at first because it's so different, exotic and unpredictable, with a lot of ideas that are unknown to the west, eastern symbolism and philosophies and characters with strange, interesting personalities and behaviors. (at first, then it gets repetitive) . It can be especially attractive to people who like fantasy (humanities pseudo-past with magic) and science fiction (the future with robots, implants, fake bodies and brains etc. while discussing the philosophy and influence of technology on people and try to portray how could the future look and what would people become). Gives You a lot of ideas and develops the imagination. Also many of them are filled with a lot of idealism, motions of friendship, kindness, love, loyalty, honor, etc. Sometimes in ways very different than typical western ways of thinking. That might be attractive. Many of them try to answer important morally ambiguous questions. . It can also be very funny... if You like the absurd kind of humor, i.e. "so stupid that it's funny"... ... at least before you get used to it. . I watched a lot of them in the past. At first as a child and teenager they were amazing (like almost everything for a teenager). Later I started watching most of them rather as a pastime. Possibly because of sentiment. But later on I stopped. After watching the most prominent titles everything else gets boring, repetitive and retarded. . Some of these can just seem as though they were taken out of a dream... so unreal. I'm not going to watch any of them anymore, because all I had to take from them, I already did, but I think in general it was a good experience. . It's not such a big deal to watch anything, so You might try and decide on Your own, whether You can find anything for Yourself there or not.
  • i've seen some of it, not interested in it
  • I vaguely know what it is, but have no interest in it. +4
  • I'm right behind you, partner! I think we're in good company. :-)
  • I think a lot of people here haven't seen any...and I wouldn't rely on this site for an introduction. Most of the categories here include Americanized anime which is horrible. I am a fan of Sailormoon and Dragonball Z, but most agree that these are MacDonald's anime, as is crap like Naruto, Death Note, Inuyasha or Pokemon, beurk. If you want to see what real anime is, anime with complex and intelligent mind screw plots, check out things like Neon Genesis Evangelion, Gundam Wing, Macross Plus, The Wings of Honeamise or Patlabor. Cute furry creatures and waves of flat chested schoolgirls; lame. Psychological plots dealing with Nazis, God, physical manifestation of libido plus giant robots; awesomez. Also they're called mechs, not robots.

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