• Well alot of wemon for some reason are attracted to bad boys for their swagger and devil may care attitude. It's irrational and not really a productive thing but it can be fun and exciting while it lasts. Smart guys just can be precieved as nerdy and too polite - Wemon these days kinda go for guys that are kinda smart asses and not book smarts.
  • Because they do. Women want bad boys.
  • You mean like Bill Gates? Maybe you've been following the wrong guys.
  • Most things seem so because that is the way you perceive them. To expand somewhat there are several books, papers, studies that would agree with you. The idea is that often intelligence does not always reflect ones ability to actually apply the knowlewdge to the real world. +5
  • The general populace is below this line, so they like to congregate with people like them.
  • Yes. If I could even guess the number of times I've heard, "Oh! You're so SMART! I bet I know someone just perfect for you!" I could vomit.
  • That's what they tell themselves to assuage their egos.
  • That's never been my experience.
  • Hmmm, I never thought I'd see a place where Bill Gates and Bill Clinton were considered to have finished last.
  • Because we are considerate and caring.
  • Hmmm...well, I don't know how much that is true, but... Life isn't perfect and it will never be--it's just a fact of life no matter how unfair
  • theres a lot more to 'finishing first' tha just being smart and intelligent
  • It "seems" like that to who?! ;-)
  • Because women are turned on by emotion, not by rational thoughts. So if someone is trying to use rational arguments to persude a woman into wanting Him, He is lost from the start. Unfortunately these guys are not smart ENOUGH to understand it yet. Women are not rational. They don't think: "Oh. This guy is so intelligent, he has this, that and that trait... so I should feel sexually attracted to Him.". . E.M.O.T.I.O.N. . You can be Einstein, but if You can't advertise Yourself through emotion in a natural, unforced way - i.e. no bragging, no talking about Yourself - You are lost. It doesn't matter who You are inside, if You are unable to portray it (or fake) on the outside, so that it can be emotionally received by the woman. And even if You're good at faking, She might fall for it, for a short time, but unless She is completely retarded, She will sense that You lack integrity. . That's what those "smartest, most intelligent" guys don't understand. Which is an arrogant claim by the way. Stinks with low confidence. . It's not about WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU DO. It doesn't matter. It's about HOW DO YOU MAKE HER FEEL.
  • I'd argue that a guy who is smart and intelligent wouldn't complain about finishing last. I had a guy who told me that nice guys (and he believed he was one) never get a chance WHILE I WAS HIS GIRLFRIEND. Not cool. Now, he said nice guys, not smart/intelligent guys, but still.

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