• I love chewing the little ones first...then I save the big ones till last!!!!
  • Golf ball sized porcupine meat balls in tomato sauce.
  • I like the little ones more +5 :)
  • The small ones because the large ones splashes my ass when I have to release them in the toilet....
  • About 1.5 to 2 inch diameter...Homemade of course. +5
  • I prefer the little ones...+6
  • In between. +5
  • big ones that you have to cut with a fork.
  • Medium like 2 bites
  • In between
  • No meatball eww there like meat loaf....GAG :C
  • The small ones in a rich tomato pasta sauce are my favourite.
  • big one sandwich together !
  • I like and make little meatballs..+5
  • Eww, neither. But I have heard the small Danish meatballs are good :)
  • beaker missed this??!
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      A Swedish neighbor gave me a recipe years ago, to make meatballs in a pot of sauce. I only have these once a year at most, so they're always eagerly anticipated! And I gotta say medium works well. Big (like a tennis ball) will fall apart, but small will not hold its juices the way you want a meatball to. (golf ball size is too small, it should need to be cut in half).
    • Ice man
      The "Q" is a very old one that has somehow been pulled back from the archives, I think it might have even pre-dated Beaker. But you wait and see ... he'll be along sooner or later. P.S. I agree about the Swedish meatballs. : )
    • beaker95
      Being a semi-vegetarian, I'd rather have some bacon rashers, just big enough to put whole, straight into my warm, moist mouth. Yum. Salty and succulent. I'm dribbling right now, thinking about it.
    • Ice man
      I'm only home for a bit and gone again until tomorrow .... something told me not to open the computer ... now I know why ...; )
  • Little ones even though they take longer to make.
    • Ice man
      That's just because you make more of them with the same amount of meat. Or do you something else that is special and takes longer ? I know when I drink wine and make meatballs ... it takes longer ( and yes, some of the wine actually makes it into the meat and spices). : )
    • Linda Joy
      It takes longer because I make more of them. I thought you were a beer man! You don't put beer in your meatballs?
    • Ice man
      LOL , I do cook a few things with beer, and yes I drink more beer than anything else ... but ... I do drink wine as well and tend to use it in a lot of the things I cook.(it's the chef in me) (and just so you know ... I like Tequila too - but I don't cook with it.)
    • Linda Joy
      Ah, takillya! I got really drunk off tequila one time I got the bed spins so I put my foot down on the floor to keep the room from spinning then my stomach started spinning I threw up all the way down the barracks before I finally got to the bathroom!
    • Ice man
      It pays to spend a little more and get the higher quality stuff. The cheap shit is like drinking turpentine and will make you sick.
    • Linda Joy
      I was drinking in the club back then. Long time ago! But regardless being cheap or good, if you drink too much you're going to waste it!
    • Ice man
      True dat. : )

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