• shopping, banking, and bill paying.
  • Pretty much all of it. Now all I have to do is find a way for it to do my ironing and fold clothes I'd be set!
  • So many parts of my life have been affected. Making travel arrangements, sourcing information, watching TV, banking, shopping and communicating. The fact that you can find things out in seconds that it used to take hours, days or weeks to discover, is quite astonishing. Future generations won't know what it was like to have to wait for things. I think the internet makes us more impatient, because we're getting so used to accessing information straight away. It's made my life both easier and more complicated, but it's certainly affected it significantly.
  • ...alot....but one thing it can't do is dance... that I do from my heart and soul...
  • financially and negatively at that.
  • Reading & writing. I haven't read a book for pleasure since 2000. And my spelling is effected by it.
  • The part where I struggled for days trying to remember the name of some obscure actor in some obscure film. Google it and ah! sweeet relief!
  • Talking to family members I really never knew.
  • Mostly my sleeping. It's 3:40 a.m. and I didn't go to sleep yet because I started playing on AB!
  • ~Contact with the rest of the world and making new friends internationally ~ Emails, Messengers, chatrooms etc. With two children at home when we first got this computer, the internet meant i could have decent conversations with adults ~ something I needed. ~Online banking/bill paying. ~Genealogy Research ~Ease of travel arrangements and public transport timetables. ~Much less time consuming when researching reviews etc on a product I might want to buy, rather than spending hours and days running around from store to store. More info online! etc etc etc
  • Well, it's blown the time the wife and I spent watching her programmes, the time when she would tell me of all the things I wasn't, compared to other men in the street. How I made her feel when I told the ladies sewing club to piss off and when I upset the other husbands when I told them to look after their own lives and not interfere in mine. She has gained more friends (sympathetic) who invite her to go to their houses instead of them coming to ours and I have gained beautiful peace in the hours she spends with them.
  • My sanity.
  • I have been all over the world, visiting with my AB friends...places I shall never go in real life. I have met some wonderful people...funny, smart, serious,thoughtful,caring...who have shared some of themselves with me as I have shared some of me with them. It keeps my brain active and engaged and at my age that kind of brain exercise is critical,crucial, essential and necessary. A bargain in "return on investment" of the best I've ever enjoyed! :)
  • Social side. I see my people on the screen only these days.:)

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