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  • Do you want to spend the rest of your life with me? Do you want to have kids with me, and live a happy life together forever? Are you ready for marriage, and willing to always do your part in our marriage, and pull your weight?
  • are you the same gender now as when you were born? are currently married? are you living under an assumed name?
  • do u want kids? have u thought twice before marrying me? are you sure u can handle me? lol
  • Do you have a prenupt ? What does your mother look like? Is it ok if my ex comes around? :0
  • Do you want kids? Do you have a job? Will you still like me after 50 years? I would also add will your mother live with us? The last may be the most important. We can work around the first three but not with her mother living here.
  • Do you love me? Do you want to spend your life with me? Will you marry me?
  • 1. Do you love me (and can you get along with me) despite all my worst faults and annoyances? 2. What do you really want from this marriage, and can you live up to the best of your ability the virtues of faithfulness and sincerity? 3. Will you stick with me through all of life's hard struggles and unpredicatable ordeals? You think you can do that? Love this question, killdrphil.
  • Is there anything that really bothers you about me that you need to get off your chest before we get married? Do you think because I love you that that thing is some how going to change? Are you afraid to communicate your fears, hopes, dreams or secrets to me?
  • your not gay are you? did you check the condom for a tear? i dont want another abortion... do you love me?
  • How many children do you want and when? How would you like to run our budget? How do you wish to divide the choirs?
  • Are you sure you don't have herpies? whats's that red thing on your upper lip? And your possitive that wasn't you in that valtrex commercial?
  • 1) that nose, plastic surgery? 2) you do cook? I like breakfast in bed. 3) do you have a glass eye?
  • In today's world? 1. Are you married? 2. Do you have any diseases? 3. Are you wanted for anything? However, I suggest getting to know someone (Not weeks or months, but years) before marriage.
  • Do you like fast cars ... Do you like Led Zeppelin ... Do you like other girls ... Ha! ;))
  • Do u love me? Is their anything i need to know that might cause futuristic problems with both of us together? Just how badly do ya need me? XD
  • Do you want kids? How did your parents fight? Do you believe in divorce?
  • Are you still going to love me when we're 80 and gravity has set in? Do you have any weird habits I should know about? Are you willing to spread everything out equally and fairly?
  • Are your parents happily married? What are your financial expectations? What is your definition of 'love'?
  • Do you love me? Do you want kids? Will you sign this prenuptial agreement?
  • Will you take a Lie Detector Test? Will you sign a Prenuptial Agreement? Will you never contest the Prenup no matter what?
  • If they're willing to stick by you throughout the changes in life. (If you're not willing to stick by someone throughout the changes life throws at you, you probably shouldn't be considering marrying him or her in the first place). If they have the same or similar ideas as you on how to raise your children should you ever have any. This question SHOULD be asked, even if you don't plan on having children, because you may end up having some anyway. What their values are in a relationship/marriage. It is important to be clear on these things and to be honest with each other about them. If you don't have the same or similar values, your relationship/marriage may not work! What would I know, though? I'm only a 19-year-old girl...
  • Will you love me forever and forsake all others? Do you want children? Will you still love me if I am broke?
  • Can you prove that you are financially independent? May I do a complete, unlimited background check, to include financial, criminal, and personal? Will you sign a pre-nup?
  • Will you marry me? Are you married now? Does it bother you that I'm a cannibal?
  • A lot a good suggestions as to what issues shoudl be clear listed, but if you don't know your potential partner well enough that you already knwo the answer to these, it is likely too early to consider marriage.
  • It really isn't important the questions that you ask, they will tell you what you want to hear. Just spend time with them and put them through numberous of test and see if they pass or fail. Take enough time for them to stop being fake and begin to be real. Never marry someone in the first year of dating them. Huge mistake!!! It takes at least two years for the sugar coat to wear off for some.
  • 1. Will you love me when you discover I'm NOT perfect 2. Will you discuss things with me we disagree on and NOT scream, yell, or throw things 3. Can I TRUST you ALWAYS. . . . .no matter what *(And they are ALL tantamount in importance)
  • So how is your credit?????? do you owe any back up child support ???????
  • 1) Do you iron Cause I dont. 2) Do you snore. cause I dont. 3)Do you ever say no to sex (I guess you get the picture) +5
  • can i see your income tax papers going back 5 years ? can we review your background check together ? do you mind to sign this prenup, just in case ? had 2 ex say they loved me yada yada, talk is cheap
  • 1)Are you already Married 2)Are they are warrants out for your Arrest 3)Do you have a job
  • 1. How many previous failed marriages have you had? 2. Did your mommy teach you how to clean up/cook for yourself? 3. Do you have a track record for holding a good job for numerous years?
  • i can do it in one "Do you love me for who i am ?"
  • Will I need to buy a bus for our 13 kids? Do you share HoHos? Does this one big tooth bother you?
  • 1. Do you like crunchy or creamy peanut butter? 2. Can you smell any poverty on me? 3. Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party?
  • 1. Are you in debt? 2. Are you married to someone else right now? 3. How many children will you have to pay child support for?
  • Are you looking for a partner for life, fully committed to one person for the rest of your life and willing to work at it wholeheartedly? Do we share the same values and principles in life? Why do you want to get married?

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