• If all they do is believe what they are told by scientists, then it does not make the average people smarter. Many things that are told by scientists, are still theories that are not yet proven. Scientists reveal only things that help to point in the direction of their theories. Anything that can contradict their theories wil never be published. Scientists don't even move in the direction of eternity because there is no way to "prove" it exists. To denie the existence of something you cannot measure is one of the most foolish things a man can do. To say that life in all its complex forms just happened to be without intelligent design is the most stupid utterance scientists ever made. They cannot prove it. Still millions of average people believe this. This does not make them smarter.
  • science is meant to provide answers, it isnt meant to make us smarter. It is meant only to make us more knowledgeable. Knowledge is not the same as intelligence. Of course we do have choices as to whether we believe the evidence is compelling enough.+5 for making me think.LOL
  • mathematics makes one think that way, but they provide no evidence of intelligence at higher levels of science. One draws a picture and and makes a delta epsilon note of it for a magazine or passdown log.
  • No, science does not make people smarter. But also, no, people don't simply believe what scientists tell them (well, intelligent people don't anyway). Scientists publish their findings, if you're smart you can read their results, analyze their methodology, and determine for yourself if their conclusions are valid.
  • It may give them more knowledge and help them to look at things in a different way but just being able to prate what one is told parrot fashion does not make people smarter. They may become smarter if they understand enough of what they are told to investigate the knowledge for themselves.
  • No, however given that human history is one of 'the people' believeing what they're told, usually religion, then I suppose it's better they blindly believe what scientists say.
  • Come on.. how could a person that believe everything said by a scientist could be smart? The ability to doubt, to question... the curiosity to take us in the journey of the real knowledge... that makes a person smart.
  • I suppose it imparts a modicum of knowledge, but the true power of science lies not in learning established facts but in learning the scientific method and it's power in getting at the facts. Then would come learning the established laws and theories of science as they are the building blocks to support new scientific advances.
  • 7-1-2017 You have many questions jumbled together. First, the average person resists getting smarter; he only wants to get by, without being different from his chums. Second, a lot of scientists think the average person is too stupid to bother with. For example, Kip Thorne says he only talks in code words so tabloid reporters don't attribute stupid predictions to him. Third, many scientists say some awfully stupid things, such as winds and shock waves in space. Those are weather terms only applying to a planet with atmosphere.

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