• If she was injured you dont contact them, you let your lawyer do it.
  • For what? Was she injured? If not you have no case. If she was, call a lawyer and he will be happy to call the grocery store's insurance company. My cousin fell and did permanent injury to herself in a grocery store and she could afford a good lawyer. 6 years later and sadder, she barey broke even in attorney's fees.
  • was your daughter hurt badly (i.e. broken bone, sprain, bleeding, etc) if so you should call a lawyer, however if it was just a little accident, no real harm done you should just forget about it and move on with your life. fact is whoever told you they may contact you was just trying to get rid of you before you decided to try to "cash in" like so many dead beats do now a days. unless there is a real and present injury, a few days wait will get rid of slight reddening, light bruising and an corroborating witnesses. ever business fears the "ah, i fell, I'm gonna sue" mentality, especially after the parents of fat kids successfully sued mcdonalds (as if ronald mcdonald dragged their children in side and force fed them big macs)for their children getting fat eating there.
  • Call for what? Was she injured? Did you go to a doctor? Do you want them to pay for cleaning of her clothes? You need to give a little more info here.
  • Christ it sounds like you should be calling an optometrist instead.

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