• When you watch Youtube videos, they are played from a website---not from your computer. But it is possible to download these videos, which are generally in the format FLV. Since the FLV format doesn't tend to work on iPods, you'll have to convert it before you can download it to your computer. Once you get the right software to help you download and convert the videos, you'll be able to transfer them to your iPod easily.

    Downloading Youtube Video

    In order to download a Youtube video, you can use software such as Youtube Downloader and Youtube 1 Click. After you download and install one of these programs onto your computer, paste the web address from the video you want into the program, and hit a single button to download it to your computer.


    You can convert the FLV file of your video after you download it by using the conversion feature of your Youtube download program. Most of the time it will be a button right below the download button that will convert whatever video you just downloaded. Generally you should select "MP4" as the output file format. If your YouTube program doesn't have this feature, then you can also use a separate conversion program such as Total Video. Click an "Add file" button with such a program, and select "Mp4," or in some cases even "iPod" as the file the program gives you.

    Transfer to iPod

    Once you have the file in the format you want, drag it over to your iTunes program. If you don't have this program, you can get it at This should put your new Youtube video in your iTunes library. You can then hook up your iPod to your computer with the USB cord and sync it up with your program through the program screen. This should download the Youtube video to your iPod.



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