• I would do whatever I could to help, though somehow shaving my head may not be THAT helpful. However, if they wished me to I would shave it in an instance, if just so that we would both be bald. Which is a scarey thought, really. My hair is the one thing I like about me. But I'd be willing to give it up if that would help
  • If they asked me to, yeah.
  • I never, my friend wouldn't have expected me to or needed me to. She needed me to sit and listen while she talked openly about her problem, that was my job. I think it depends on whether they need that extra support or not. Having said that a shaved head looks quite elegant if you have a good head shape, it might be interesting to do for the fun of it. You could get sponsored to do it and give the money to a cancer research.
  • My mom went through Chemo and lost her hair 2 years ago - but nobody in my family shaved their heads in support. It wasn't necessary. Perhaps if it were a different person, they would have liked someone to do that, but I don't think my mom would support it - she wouldn't want anybody to be bald that didn't HAVE to be that way. We found other ways of loving and supporting her. But, if your loved one would appreciate the gesture, and you're willing, then I say go for it. It's only hair.
  • If it would help them feel better, yes. Mind you, I'd have to get somebody to help me do the shaving.
  • Sure, if it would make them feel supported. I doubt that someone going through chemo would really want their friends and family to all be bald though; I think there are probably better ways to show support.
  • No, but I would go wig shopping with them.
  • If I felt like it would help someone that I cared about then yeah I would
  • If I thought they were the type of person who would be cheered up by that or at least get a kick out of it...Yes I would But if it were my Mom she'd be mad at me it depends on who it is
  • u dont have to shave your head to support . u just support and be there 4 them .
  • Hell yeah I'd shave my head! I'd oil it up so it's real shiny too. I can always grow my hair back in 2 weeks, who knows if my friend/family member will ever recover from whatever cancer they've contracted?
  • I'd be more inclined to cop them some medical marijuana instead. A bit more constructive.
  • I'd go with them to buy a wig if it was a female. If it was a male, why bother. It's a style to have a shaved head. They would just be in style and probably wouldn't need anyone to shave or even to get a wig. I'd ask what they needed.

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