• 2012 is a media sensation! No other end of the world has been as played up since the year 2000.
  • there are always fear mongers and fools born every moment ! +5 from my heart only :-(
  • W-elllll...'ll probably feel good to be right about this at least ONCE in their lives. Even if being right means the END of their life. What sucks is, they can't say to anyone "I TOLD you so!" (Comment edited for clarity.)
  • One must question what the word "proof" in this context means. Did we *really* disprove such a prophecy? That question is almost like asking "Why is religion around even when we've found fossils?".
  • can't wait !! yey!! :P
  • I think it has more to do with the Mayan calander. Since the civilization is gone and there are no direct decendants of the civilization, not much is really known. The unkown is the scarriest thing to most people.
  • It is easier to worry about things one has no control over than things that can and should be addressed. . Plus it's a damn good reason to cash out your IRA early.
  • IMO, it's because it's getting a lot of attention in the alternitive media area. Shows like Coast to Coast AM are playing it up quite a bit. This reminds me of the Y2K scare.
  • learn some
  • Well, it's a way to keep us constantly on our toes even when it seems that bad things can never happen to us. How can anyone ever know when disaster will strike? If we could know we'd get out of the way. If we couldn't know then we would need people warning us about it, whatever that it might be, so at least some people will survive. Basically, a doomsayer is someone who is gambling that they can be one of the lucky few. Suppose, due to some random computer glitch, an accidental nuclear war started and everyone died except some idiots who thought the Mayans predicted the end of the world? Who would be stupid then?
  • Because this one is real. It is, however, more "glamorized" now due to a movie using it as its plot. It may not be the end of the world, but something will happen and many people - including probably you - will likely die.
  • because its that you never know what could happen thing
  • Because people are sheep. It is easier to believe whatever they hear than it is to do a tiny bit of research and find out what is really going on. When this day passes, like all of the thousands of other "End Dates", a lot of (mostly younger) people will look foolish. Again.
  • Alarmists!
  • It seems to be more fulfilling to give up "the meaning of life" (responsibility for oneself) to something unknown and "greater" than themselves than to have accountability for one's actions. God forbid; people should be culpable for what they did and did not do. Prophecies are expectations pinned upon someone else's delusions; so when they fail, you can blame the fraudulent party.
  • I don't think people are really "worried" about it, they simply enjoy the "mystery" of it all.
  • I have no idea lol. I don't really see anything to worry about... +5
  • People hear things and they get stuck on them. After a while of believing something it is sometimes difficult to let go. There are people who still think Elvis is alive, although it is quite apparent that he is not. Also, some people who do not have faith in a higher authority would most likely believe this. As a Christian, I do not personally believe that we will know when the end of the world is coming. We will have no idea. So to me, 2012...whichever day it is, is out of the question. But i dont know. I think people want to have faith in something, and sometimes they put their faith in crazy things such as the end of the world. Hmmm...very interesting question. But its a stumper.
  • I believe the media plays a huge roll in why so many people are scared of this...kinda like the swine flu thing!
  • Disasters are popular. Ever notice how many people have BEEN in a disaster? It's crazy. You'd think if they were so bad, people would just avoid them, but it seems like whenever there's a disaster, people just 'happen' to be there. Yeah, like I'm not totally on to that!
  • They are mentally deficient.
  • I honestly don't know of anyone who is actually worried. It is just tons of fun for the media.
  • Because THIS time , it is a little different. You have the Mayans and their calender , you have Nostradamus , the Southwest American Indians, The I-Ching, and the Bible Code .. Several of these knew NOTHING of the others when their predictions were made ... THUS, it gives more creedence that SOMETHING will occur on / about December 21, 2012 ... From all the reading that I've done; it is to be the End of the World "AS WE KNOW IT" ... NOT.. the TOTAL End of The World ... Guess we'll have to wait and see ... BUT: in the meantime ; I personally believe in Being PREPARED ; Just in Case .. sure beats NOT being Prepared .. or so I think !! +5

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