• one should never demand someone to give that which they do not want; and one can never give to someone that which they do not have. We have to realize that everything human has it's limits. Asking people to do that which is beyond thier ability is like trying to catch the wind. It cannot be done
  • I find my expectations in others fairly accurate I see how they carry themselves and that tells me alot about what to expect. they usualy satisfy those roles perfectly, with very little inacuracy. life has gotten boring. really I was abused alot in social settings in school and at home and though they all meant to "show" me how to be like them I instead mastered them. its shamefull really when the "student" becomes the master. but they underestimated me and continue to today. so I have come to expect that the variety in human thinking has been stunted by popularity and social indifference. yep that sums up the impression im often left with.

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