• If I randomly called white people WASPS, would they be offended?
  • Duh? Is it really that hard to answer? If you randomly called any white man a christian the same thing could happen.
  • when i want to explore something like this, i'll usually straightforwardly ask, "what's your religious background, if any?" once in a while somebody will shout out, "ATHEIST" or "REPUBLICAN" or "GUN OWNER" ... but, 99% of the time, folks respectfully answer.
  • He may be offended that you inferred his religion by his skin tone.
  • I'm a Hindu and would indeed be offended if someone called me a Muslim
  • I'm white and would laugh if I were called a Jehovah's Witness. Does that answer your question?
  • What if he randomly called you an insolent cracker? ;-)
  • I'm white and I would be offended if you assumed I was Christian or really if you assumed anything about me based off of my skin tone.
  • Yes, very likely.
  • A skin colour does not in any way depict their religion.
  • Yes. Unless through sheer random chance and dumb luck it just happened that you were correct. . Most of the time, you wouldn't be. And, honestly, even a Muslim of African ancestry might be offended that you think the color of his skin necessarily tells you anything else about him.
  • If someone randomly called you a muslim, would you be offended?
  • Randomly calling someone a Muslim... I don't know about offended, but the guy would probably think you're weird.... Who just randomly "calls" someone a particular religion... Do you walk down the street pointing to people and yelling "MUSLIM!!" "CHRISTIAN!!!" "JEW!!!" "HINDU!!"
  • I think he would be honored
  • Maybe, maybe not - depends on his religion/personality etc. If he wasn't a Muslim, he may well think you were ignorant or racist though. Any response is possible.
  • Absolutely, but you would be dumb-unlikely to do so, Rock. * Muslims looks different from non-Muslims, although majority would be brown. * They're very easy to spot, b'coz they all try to look like Mohammad --and half of them are called Mohammad. They have beard, shaven head and/or while skullcap, henna in hair, strong BO and paranoid gaze, when they are living as parasites in the West. * Now ALL brown-skinned people don't look like THAT! ** [Saudi Muslims come in all shades of pale white to coal black, whom some believe to be the descendants of the first batch of Mohammad's recruits, the slaves bought by his friend Abu Bakr for 40000 pieces of silver. Abu Bakr also gave his daughter to Mohammad in marri age-r ape. That's called loyalty to a friend!]
  • This is a racist question, and it should have asked, 'Should he be offended?' & 9/10 times, A: 'yes, absolutely, you racist pale-ghost-mask... -3
  • Obviously ! There are millions of brown people who have nothing to do with Islam. There are thousands of blacks and whites who are muslims too.
  • If he was a Hindu or a Buddhist or a Sikh, yes he probably would be. I wonder if anyone can tell the difference just by looking at them.

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