• Not in this economy. Lost my job with a Wall Street firm.
  • Was there ever? Anytime the economy tanks people lose their jobs; let me rephrase: working people lose their jobs. The workers are the first to go. If and when the company needs to rehire, they can do so on the open market and pay less than what they paid you.
  • There is no job security anymore because, most CEO's, are much too concerned with making a profit then they are taking care of workers. +5
  • One of the reasons is contracts and out-sourcing. Employers have discovered that they can shirk their responsibilities to their employees by putting them on short-term contracts.
  • I work in the public sector which is usually safe. My employer are having a public consultation on where they could save money and the feeling seems to be that they could lose staff rather than cut back on services. Who they think will deliver their services is beyond me.
  • People are being exposed as the frauds they are (on both firing and fired ends).
  • everybody is the security of his or her own self...
  • Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, and George "WMD" Bush all contributed to undermining our unions. Reagan in particular fired the Patco air traffic Controllers for striking. They hired all new replacements. - When we no longer have unions we lose the power to strike (just try going on strike by yourself). - Clinton worked with Republicans to sign the NAFTA treaties, which removed import tariffs on goods from Mexico and Canada. This allowed Walmart and other retailers to bypass American manufacturers and their workers, and buy goods more cheaply from Canada and Mexico. - Laws that allow cheap imports sounds good for American consumers. However, every item we import is an item not produced by an American worker. Americans lose their jobs. People without jobs can't afford to buy goods no matter how cheap they are.  
  • None whatsoever. It's because there is no company that feels any loyalty to it's employee's anymore.

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