• because they are weak
  • Because some of them (muslims) are crazy
  • The Muslim terrorists might bomb their point totals. And then they will be back to being novices.
  • Perhaps because they associate terrorists claiming to be Muslims with most Muslims.
  • just a bunch of chickens really
  • Because some people are afraid of what they don't understand.
  • because they think they can beat them
  • The totally ignorant live in total fear of everything they are too lazy or stupid to understand.
  • because they'll beat me! IM NOT AFRAID OF MUSLIMS, IVE NEVER MET ANYONE AFRAID OF MUSLIMS and i think if people ARE afraid of muslims they need a serious reality check
  • Because human being evolved and survived in a harsh world by being able to recognize patterns in potential enemies. Often those patterns included many who were completely harmless but that doesn't matter so long as the pattern included the harmful ones. This is human nature. This is herd instinct. Those who shunned anyone who was different, survived. Doesn't work so well in this day and age, but the wiring is still there.
  • One of my neighbors is from Pakistan. Should I call MI5?
  • some people are afraid of anything that they don't comprehend or haven't been told is safe. the overwhelming majority of muslims whom i've met are delightful, respectful, humble people. of course, there are a few outliers, as there are in all religions, and it is those folks for whom some fear is warranted. of course, if we fear them, we must also fear similar outliers throughout all religions ... just my 18 cents.
  • People are afraid of what they don't understand. While I will say there are some extremists, there are extremists in every group/community, etc. The muslims that I have met here on AB are very nice and lovely people. They also do not deserve the people that attack them and disrespect their religion.
  • They appear to hate everyone not like them. In American society we accept everyone of all kinds, creeds, religions and colors. There leaders say things like convert or die. We dislike fascism of any kind. We dislike seeing Women, Children or anyone enslaved or abused. We Cherish our freedom.
  • Who knows. There are huge Pakistani immigrant communities in the UK and they are mostly.... harmless.
  • A better question would be: Why are muslims afraid of muslims? If they weren't, the cool 90% would be bashing the hell out of the 10% that are crazy murder-bombers.
  • Because there is so much ignorance (and rudeness) on AB.
  • Ignorance and stupidity.......the two leading causes of irrational fear in humans.
  • I didn't know anyone was scared of anyone certain religious faith. I must say that sounds so weird!
  • Because they mix up Muslims with Fundamentalists or fanatics. Fanatics in any religion are pretty scary.
  • I am in the military and not a bit affraid, and i can tell you I have worked with several in the middle east and had no problems at all.
  • Because, even as children, they are trained to blow up anyone who doesn't agree with them.
  • AB members are not afraid of Muslims, pussies are. It just seems like the people on AB are scared of Muslims because so many of them are pussies.
  • Because some of us understand Muslims.
  • because at the tiniest insult to them they FLY off the rail, gang up on you and dr you! same with the veggies, and christians dont look now HERE THEY COME!! AAAHHHHHHH!
  • Well their track record isn't all that great with the blowing themselves up and all, that scares a lot of people it makes them think they are very radical and there are those that are indeed very very radical.
  • I'm not scared, I talk to the guy at 7-11 all the time.
  • Because it is undeniable that most of the terrorist in the world today are muslim. It is undeniable that in places where muslims have become the preponderence of the population, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and tolerence are under assault. Because muslims will rally to support even the most violent of people just because they too are muslim. Case in point the guy in Florida that ran over his daughter because she was becoming too westernized. There was an email sent around my college asking for donations and support for his defense. It was claimed that his not being allowed to kill his daughter was a restriction on his religious freedom. And that we in the US shouldn't discriminate against his version of Islam. Or how about the muslim couple that founded a cable channel to show that muslims aren't violent. Until she wanted a divorce and he cut her head off. Only the quick action of a tech prevented that video from being broadcast live. Islamic terrorism is a cancer on the world. Islam is a precancerous condition that presages the terror. How many non islamic terrorist groups can you name and when were they last active? More people have died due to islam than any other religion, ever. I now expect that the politically correct masses and their islamic allies will dr this and threaten me with bodily harm.
  • They are kind of like the Zerg race in StarCraft. They are easy to kill and lack technology but they multiply quickly and can also cause disease from within your country.
  • BOO! lol
  • I think it is because they do not understand their beliefs and culture. They are either misinformed or not informed well enough to appreciate them fully.
  • I don't.Luke 12:4,And I say unto you my friends,be not afraid if them that can kill the body and after that,have no power that they can do after that.5,But I will forewarn you whom ye shall fear.Fear Him which after he hath killed hath power to cast into hell.Yea I say unto you,fear Him.
  • Because they're ignorant and don't understand the idea of NOT stereotyping an enormous group of people because a couple of these members did something wrong. I'm guessing the media is to blame for this. . By the way, I am not afraid of Muslim people.
  • This site is controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood.
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      Lucky guess.
    • we are dough 68
      Well thought out research, more like. And telepathic powers.
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      So much for freedom of speech.
    • we are dough 68
      There is no freedom to speak. Except on my island.
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      That's because political correctness is keeping many people quiet.
  • maybe they had a bad experience with them

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