• A polygamous marriage is generally considered grounds for excommunication. . I am not aware of any exceptions. If there are any it would have to be in a culture where multiple wives is the socially accepted norm.
  • they live in communities, or have extra roommates in their home, or have multiple wives in various states of the usa. Mormons are not the only ones to practice polygamy.
  • I am Mormon but my first wife and I were legally divorced when I remarried. I don't know of anyone being mainstream and practicing polygamy.
  • The Mormon church banned polygamy about a hundred years ago and excommunicates anyone caught practicing it. The polygamous Mormons you hear so much about these days are actually members of the FLDS and related groups. These groups are splinter groups that broke from the main church a long time ago, and are as different from Mormonism as Scientology is different from Catholicism. To actually answer your question, no. Or at least there shouldn't be. Those that do, do so at extreme risk of being expelled from the church and being reported to the police.
  • This one is extremely hard to prove either way. The problem, of course, is that if discovered any member of the LdS Church practicing polygamy will be excommunicated. However, if you lurk on the Pro-Polygamy you WILL find posters who claim to be in the LdS Church who ARE practicing polygamy. However, if you start to "probe" they will retreat and disappear. Of course the members of the FLDS and other Polygamous Groups who aren't LdS Church members are quite a bit bolder still go "stealth" if pressed too hard. You will also occassionally find articles and other "hints" from members of the LdS Church on Pro-Polygamy website. They're rare but they do exist. Here are a few Pro-Polygamy boards and websites to consider monitoring if you want to cross check and verify my answer:
  • I believe this was already asked, and the same answers are appearing here. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints excommunicates any member who is caught in a polygamous or adulterous relationship. This is not ot say that zero members break Church rules, but do so at their own risk. Thy are liars (regular interviews ask if they are living in harmony with Church teachings). If such members believe the Church was wrong for ending polygamy, they should be honest to themselves and leave.
  • The LDS had polygamy until Utah was coming up for statehood. The US congress required the LDS to denounce polygamy before they could be admitted as a state. Utah and the LDS not only denounced polygamy they also made it a felony to be polygamous. These laws still exist today in Utah forcing many families to move out of Utah or become very secretive about their families. Watch Sister Wives on TLC on Sunday evenings and learn of the difficulties they have. They fled Utah into Nevada to avoid prison time.

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