• The truth is woman want to be looked as sex objects, they just like to blame us for everything.
  • Do you really care if they complain?
  • I've been looked at as one and I have NEVER gotten breast implants. I don't appreciate it at all.
  • I agree. The minority who do get breast implants reflects badly on our gender as a whole and makes most men think we are all out there to be looked at in a sexualised manner. It's just another stereotypical case of the minority governing the majority.
  • I look at men as sex objects as do many other women!!
  • Just my opinion, but women-I'm talking about straight women here- admire breasts as much as men do, if in a different way. Let's consider the woman who has endured a mastectomy. Many of them opt for reconstruction. Is it entirely because they want to be restored to sexual desirability, or is there more to it than that? There's nothing wrong with wanting to be desireable. If there were, we could criticise women for buying cosmetics, or losing weight, or other products/activities that enhance beauty or sexual attractiveness. Could it be that a woman wants that "womanly" (I know that sounds redundant) shape, that she might look more maternal, more nurturing, more comforting and soft, as well as being sexually attracive-at the same time rejecting the idea that breasts, along with the rest of her physique, are just for sex?
  • that's an excuse to have power over us and put us down. most women comb their hair,use makeup and lipstick.
  • Sometimes women get them not for the express purpose of becoming more attractive. Someone mention mastectomy. The women just want to maintain their sense of self. I for one, was not genetically blessed what so I had absolutely no breast tissue.. I suffered all through my teens and young adulthood with being made fun of. When the day came that I could get breast augmentation , I told the doc, "you don't have to make them big, just average for my size so I can wear clothes in my size and they will fit me and not look like a scarecrow. Not all of us do it to drive men crazy
  • I never did either.

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