• Lebanon used to have a large Christian population. I'm not sure how many are left now. There are a few in Iraq and most likely some in Iran but they suffer persecution in both countries from what I understand.
  • Yes, Christians are a minority religion in Middle Eastern countries. Here is an example from Yemen: and Iraq:,2933,270377,00.html The exact number is unknown, because it often is not desirable for Christian populations to make themselves known, or may even be illegal. It depends upon the country. Some countries are relatively good about it, such as Egypt ( ). Some countries are quite bad about it, such as Saudi Arabia ( ).
  • There are thousands of Christians who live in the middle east and there are churches in most middle eastern countries to accommodate them.
  • There are many of them throughout the area. Unfortunately they are forced to be extremely quiet and are often subject to 'selective' application of the local laws. One major problem, the penalty for attempting to convert anyone to Christianity, in some area, is punished by death. My church has clergy in Saudi and they must be very careful in everything they do. No visible Christian symbols, no advertising of services, services can be interrupted and stopped for any excuse by the locals, etc...
  • With Iraq attack, US sent armies along with evangelists. There was a huge conversion campaign done in the midst of the war and it is still going on in the name of charity etc, as they do everywhere. Evangelism business miserably failed in many islamic countries.... but they keep trying with their money. Afghanistan, they used money power and in the name of chrity , conversion business is nourishing well too.

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