• you can because now a day laptops are destop computers with out the big screen
  • Certainly. The bulky desktop models have gone the way of the dodo bird.
  • Nope. I personally need and prefer a desktop.
  • That depends, if you can now do all your work on your laptop and portability is a priority, then yes you can do without it.
  • Yes. I myself have a laptop and netbook, I've not used my desktop PC for a long time now. Laptops are becoming better and better in terms of the technology in them, and as far as things like the mouse go, you can always use one on your laptop!
  • It depends on your laptop, and in all answers no. Your desktop is bigger, yes, BUT. It has this wonderfully roomy case that can store extra drives, faster processors and more memory. It depends what you want to do with both machines. A top line desktop will slay a topline laptop in any heavy memory/process eating task. IE: Gaming. If your just surfing the internet, watching the occasional youtube, hulu, etc. Grab a netbook. You dont need the horsepower the desktop offers. The upside to desktops (PC is my main field) is that they are customizeable. You can swap out your motherboards for ones that support more memory and faster processors. (this is again, a topline example:) Go look at this show me a laptop with that much power and I'll be smitten :) Again, my example applies to top line machines. If your checking your email. Buy a verizon netbook and be done with your desktop. You'll save money on your electric bill. If your playing crysis, doing graphic design, animation, "workstation" things, go desktop. They arent portable, but a tank wont outrun a hummer if you catch my drift. I Love my armor :)
  • You can, and I am about to myself. I do have a nice big monitor though which i will keep. I can get a tiny portable laptop, and hook it up to my monitir whenever I am home. +5
  • I've never owned a desktop. If I could find a keyboard/monitor configured like a laptop I'd get a desktop tomorrow.
  • All depends on what you need to get accomplished. The only difference actually is drive size, screen size and mobility. Those three advantages need to be considered. You can have two. Which do you want. A large screen and the ability to add slave drives, or mobility? Or is it an advantage to be able to take your work with you, then back up the work on disk? Is the work you do simple enough in size to put on disk back up rather than keeping everything at one place. Is security and issue. What if your laptop went missing? You lifestyle and workstyle will dictate whether a laptop is all you need.
  • I have a laptop and did away with my desktop years ago. I like the one I have because it is wireless and I can take it with me...+5

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