• I like to make music beats with a computer program called "Magix" and if you got enough time look up how to solve a Rubix Cube. Its fun and gratifying for yourself. It also is cool to show of to friends. hope it helps
  • I enjoy going fishing ... working with the shrubs, flowers, bushes etc around the yard ... collecting coins - stamps ..and cooking .. My friend started cooking for a hobby and was giving away cakes 'n pies etc. .. found out he could SELL them and now he's quit his job and just bakes pies, cookies,and cakes for living .. at his home ... +5
  • I like to do home projects and read. I'm interested in medical research and law.
  • Reading Writing Gardening Shooting Collecting (antiques, books, guns, vintage ephemera, etc) Photography (both digital and film) Calligraphy Painting Drawing Map-making Exploring
  • Watching and collecting horror movies, playing video games, reading, and drawing.
  • Cooking, reading, gardening, Mah-Jong
  • Being in nature, being anywhere that is beautiful. Falling in love Daydreaming Reading people Reading books Exploring different sides of life Any creative project Eating delicious food. Trying to understand...
  • Computer Maintenance and Updating. Computer games. Walking dog. Taking a drive with family.
  • I like singing, studying psychology, quantum physics, human aesthetics, cooking, astronomy, cosmetology, philosophy, fashion, and fitness. +5
  • Creative writing Art (I used to paint, now I do more digital art) Walking my dog Singing (I sing at a local folk club) Volunteering for a community support group.

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